Carport or Pole Barn - What is the difference

Carport or Pole Barn - What is the difference

When shopping for shed at your back yard or exploring options to store your valuable, there are two options that comes to mind, one is carport and other is pole barn. The common perception is that both are more or less similar, and both use steel, wood or aluminium as their main construction material. In order to finalize your structure you need to consider the requirements they will need to address and on that basis one can easily select the most suitable for their shelter requirements.

Talking about carport, it refer to a structure with a flat or peak roof with gable ends, with sides open and one or two front and/or back open to allow parking of vehicle. This kind of structure can be a permanent or temporary depending on your requirements. It depend on you whether you want permanent structure at your property or movable carport generally called portable carport.

In complete contrast to carport, pole barn is generally a closed structure with door and optional windows that you can open when needed. The possible use of pole barn are endless in addition to parking your vehicles and even have greater advantage when you have a larger pole barn. With large pole barn possibilities are endless and you can use it for huge number of things like storage purpose, equipment sheds, as a commercial storage, storing live stock and much more.

Insulation Difference

If you are looking for a structure where you want to work for many hours a day and at different time of the day or night. Then carport might not be a bad choice as it can provide some functionality of sort, but the perfect solution in this case would be pole barn as it is protected from outside world like wind, rain, snow, storm and most of pole barn do have lighting options so that you can work at nights or under bad weather. The enclosed area provide insulation throughout the year and keep the space workable where you can work at any time of the year.

Verstality Difference

Both these types offer versatility in one way or the other, but how do you do varies in both cases

  • Generally carports are open structures. If you need to modify the structure you can add full or partial walls for enclosure purpose, a vent or even a door

  • Pole barns are open to structural modification early on, including adding a wainscoting, adding windows, and even number of interior rooms can be customized as per requirements. So this enclosed pole barn shelter can serve as an open garage, horse barn or even can have smaller space within it to store different things. So you can have pole barn structure for multiple use.

Durability Difference

This is another big factor which you need to ask yourself before finalizing which structure to use. Carports with galvanized steel lats about 15 to 20 years without any issues, of course with some upkeep. The less expensive with power coated poles last little less. And the life degrade if the carport is outdoor 24-7. In some cases carports are take out seasonally and when required, and in this case life span increases.

Pole barn is installed into the ground and build to last many years and seen as structure to be used for years and years to come. Pole barn generally last anything between 60 to 80 years. With a solid foundation and regular upkeep it can even last more. So if you are looking for a long term, permanent structure that you are not going to discard soon, then pole barn will be the best choice to go for. So pole barn is build to use for decades without much upkeep of the structure, they can store vehicles, farm equipment, farm supplies, animals, livestock and more.

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